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The Sri Lanka Young Lawyers Association (SLYLA) stated that the reason that the elections were postponed for so long, was the government s ambition to create a federal constitution before holding elections. MORE...

22 Oct 2017 (12:45 PM)

MP Dullus Alahapperuma stated that the current government is systematically scheming to divide the Buddhist clergy within Sri Lanka. MORE...

22 Oct 2017 (10:57 AM)

Fishermen leaders have expressed dismay over the failure of the third meeting of the India-Sri Lanka Joint Working Group (JWG) and the ministerial meeting that followed to work out a time frame for the release of fishermen and more than 130 trawlers detained in Sri Lanka and to end bottom trawling in the Palk Bay. MORE...

22 Oct 2017 (10:11 AM)

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